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Supernatural Con Clips

Ack, I'm spamming today. It's because my anxiety is flaring up.

I just finished watching the con clips from this past weekend over on youtube. Overall, they were a lot of fun to watch. Jensen and Jared are a hoot together. I liked those the best. Jared as always is really funny and high energy while Jensen is more thoughtful. It's great to watch them. I'm happy that I have taken a shine to actors that are generally nice and talented. I really wish the best for their careers.

Though, I admit that some of the fan behavior makes me cringe and makes me embarassed to be a fan. Sometimes I really want to go to an SPN con and I entertain going (if I had the money) but it's some of the behaviors that make me think no way. One clip it even looked like Jared wasn't pleased and that guy is always bouncing. But overall, the fans are nice. I just get anxious with the really extreme parts of fandom.

I highly recommend them, but there are some vague spoilers for some upcoming episodes.
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