Working for the Mandroid (moonshayde) wrote,
Working for the Mandroid

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Ack, I'm restless. I don't know what to do!

I've been doing school related stuff for like 2+ days now. I could go and do more schoolwork, but maybe I should take a break from it. (What is a BREAK?!)

I watched an episode of Fringe. I have one left and then I'm caught up, but do I really want to watch more TV? I also have to catch up on Sanctuary before I decide whether to abandon that show or not.

Internet is BORING. Everyone has a life but me! *sniff*

I could write. I should write, but what I want to write isn't what I need to write. *sigh* I'm just avoiding the inevitible.

Why can't I have fun and be productive at the same time?

*wanders off*

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