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01 December 2008 @ 09:18 pm
Jensen on Smallville  
I'm polling even though I am going to do it anyway...

I know my flist, overall, isn't into Smallville. And not so much into Jason Teague. (Oh so much potential!) But in order to spread the Jensen Ackles love, I was thinking of doing a semi-picspam from the SV episodes.

I call it semi because I don't have the patience nor the capabilities (stupid computer) to do those lovely massive picspams that many of you do. And I won't be cleaning them up. They're caps straight from the DVDs. But I'll make a few icons here and there. Also, I have no intention of clogging your flist all the time. It wouldn't be daily.

So...for those that like Jensen Ackles, interested in some pics from his stint of SV? His role wasn't fabulous, but boy was he pretty!

Poll #1307679 Jensen on Smallville Semi-Picspam?

Interested in some SV Jensen Pics?


Tomorrow at some point I will post caps from his scenes in the S4 premier "Crusade." But I do have some icons in just a sec...
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Working for the Mandroid: what's happeningmoonshayde on December 2nd, 2008 01:20 pm (UTC)
I watched S4 of on and off when it first aired and then I bought the DVDs when they came out. I did all of this before I watched JA on SPN.

At first I was neutral to him. I knew he was brought on to stall and just be the man that makes the heros recognize their true love. So I figured he'd be the center of jealousy eventually.

But when I was watching (and in some cases rewatching) I warmed up to him. Some of it was selfish - yay! No more Lana/Clark! Some of it was just good. I liked how Lana was actually happy with him. She was never really happy with anyone. I loved him as Clark's assistant coach. It was great to see him as this big brotherly type. Clark never has enough guy figures around him.

I thought the romance was often over the top which was annoying. Really, Jensen can do more than joke and kiss. And while I liked the intrigue when he was with Lex, I hated what they did to his character at the end. In my perfect world, he would have died a hero, bucking the will of his mother, and used as an example how Lex and Clark don't have to do the will of their overdomineering fathers.

Oh well.

(When Lana is done her stint on SV, I am so writing Lana/resurrected!Jason fic.)
Library Alterna-Chick ;): Jsmilejedishadowolf on December 3rd, 2008 03:29 am (UTC)
I think I saw S4 before SPN...or very shortly after and I liked seeing JA in two different roles. Loved him as the big brother to Clark, really hated when Lex screwed that up for 'em.

Lana/resurrected!Jason fic - must read when you have that written!