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Oh Knowledgable Ones

Well, halo thar ice *listens to the ping-ping*

Perhaps the all knowing and powerful flist can help me today.

As I've said before and asked before, I am looking for some research info. I'm having a hard time finding book, journal articles, anything on this topic.

I am looking for some information on the culture, history, and customs of people who lived in the Chinese Imperial Court in the 13th centruy, specially in the time right before Khan conquered the Song Dynasty. I am trying to research the years of 1268-1274 or at least as wide as 1250-1275.

Most specifically, I am looking to see how Imperial concubines lived and what life was like in the Palace.

Questions I've been considering:

What did the Imperial Palace look like? How was it set up?

What did the concubines do (besides the obvious)? Where did they sleep? Where did they eat? WHAT did they eat? How did they dress? Act? What was their literacy level?

What was the difference in function between courteseans and concubines? How many practiced footbinding?

How did the lives of concubines in the Palace contrast with the rest of the kingdom?

What were the Chinese zodiac years for this time period?

I have tons more questions, but these are just examples of what I am looking for. Most of my research has been more towards the modern day. I know quite a bit about Imperial China now, but the information I vitally need I can't find anywhere.

If anyone knows of any sources (I need actual real factual sources) or places I can go, I would appreciate it!

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