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Caught Up?

I missed a whole week's worth of posts from before Christmas until around New Year's. I was swamped so sorry! I won't get caught up on those. :(

But I did catch up on the past couple of days. I didn't comment much, but I did read the posts. I have to reply to people now.

I see the SPN continues to convert people on my flist. Welcome aboard!

And how come no one told me that the SPN folks gave us two little gifts? I saw the clips collage for the next upcoming eps, but then we also had a little Ghostfacers short? So cute! I'm not a huge Ghostfacers fan, especially when they take over everything - hello GUEST stars - but since I like Ghost Hunters and anything that parodies that show, the Ghostfacers have a special place in my heart ;)

Also, debating whether to see Jensen's and then Jared's movies coming out. I like the horror genre, but I'm not big on slasher flicks.

Tags: tv: supernatural discussion/meta

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