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Third Stargate Movie

I don't consider casting to be spoilery, but I suppose I should just in case...

Yes. I am happy. Jack-centric movie? That sounds lovely. Let's hope RDA isn't rusty and puts a ton of effort into it. No Vala? That's icing on the cake for me. No offense to the Vala fans, but I really want a movie that focuses on the classic members of SG-1. I feel that Vala really took away from the dynamic that I always loved. And that's putting it rather kindly.

(I wonder if I would have liked her better if she had been a recurring antagonist like Maybourne or if they would have given her more scenes apart from Daniel.)

I'm not deluded enough to think we'll get something straight out of the early seasons. That's impossible now. But a Jack-centric movie is a step in the right direction. When RDA was on the show, the show managed to be focused on him AND the team and they pulled it off.

If this has minimal ship, and we get confirmation it will have a team slant, I will score the trifecta! Ha!

So we'll see. I'm cautiously optimistic with this news :)
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