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Fringe and Sanctuary

These are just some thoughts on these two shows since I mostly caught up on them today. These are the two shows I've been considering dropping, so if you are very sensitive to them, you might not want to read. Especially the Sanctuary one.

I'm all caught up on this show. I'm very torn. I like the premise. The music is great. The way it is shot is great. And it mostly takes place in Massachusetts/Northeast. That's a big plus.

When I watch it, I find it geninuely interesting.

But there is something off about this show and I can't really place it. I like Walter and Astrid(?). Charlie - I think that is his name - is cool. Peter is hit and miss. And Olivia needs some kind of personality. Even if they want to make her the straight-laced one, we still have no idea anything that she likes. I feel like the show should be all kinds of awesome but it just sits there looking pretty without much going for it.

I want to like it so much because it should be the type of show I totally fangirl. I'm just not. I'm not feeling the love.

I'm going to stick with it a tad longer but it's definitely on my warning list.


Probably the biggest disappointment for this entertainment year for me. As you know, I adored the webisodes. I really did. But perhaps my taste and standards have changed over the past two years. I hated the pilot and the subsequent episodes even though they used a lot of the plot from the webisodes.

The premise is great. I love the idea that there is a Sanctuary for creatures that just don't "fit" into the world. However, it has this uncomfortable paternalistic tone that troubles me, one that doesn't seem to be addressed on the show as far as I have noticed. Magnus is a scientist and keeps these creatures locked up. Her character feels that is the best thing to do. That is fine for the character. But I also get the vibe this is the moral stance the show and the writers are taking and that troubles me a bit. Just like I had issues with the show and writers taking a very colonal type stance for the Atlantis team in S2/S3. It's great to set up these hot uncomfortable attitudes and situations, but the writers never dive into it and create drama. Instead, that view is then the show view and if you are one of the good guys or are to sympathize with the good guys, you have to accept that view. That is highly problematic.

Will wasn't so special in the webisodes and it bothers me that he is here. I still enjoy him as a character.

The hairy guy who I never remember his name I adored in the webisodes and he was my fave character. I am indifferent to him here.

I still don't like Ashley.

I really love the focus on a mother/daughter. That is very awesome. It's a nice contrast to many of the male centered relationships on TV. Though, I do have a hard time buying this relationship half the time because of Ashley.

Highlights are definitely the main mythology of the show. The Kabal vs the Sanctuary people was the right type of story to go with here. Also, they seem to have their strongest writing when dealing with the core of the story. So I did enjoy episodes like The Five and Revelations Part 1. If they show would just focus on this aspect and have a tighter narrative, I could see staying. Unfortunately, like every show there is filler and I find this show's filler so bad that I can't wait around for the decent episodes.

I don't know. I don't mean to bring down any Snactuary fans, but something just isn't clicking for me with this show. And again, like Fringe, it should. You all know how I love mythology, history, and supernatural tales and myths. I really am in love with what I think the show is trying to do, but it's just falling in the execution for me.

There is something very off and/or missing from this show. Pacing is part of the problem. This show suffers some of the same problems I found in the later seasons of SG-1 in terms of urgency and pacing. Though, I think they improved on this area somewhat. The newer episodes feel more grounded and better written than the earlier ones.

One of the issues with this show might just be it's too amibitious for the budget that it has. They want to be a very urban/worldly type of show. You can accomplish a lot of this through their green screen work, but other times it comes off extremly fake and distracts from the show. As a show nearly all based in green screen, this can be problematic.

Lastly, one of the absolute biggest problems I have with the show is the dialogue and some of the writing. Again, aside from The Five and Revelations, I really haven't been impressed. The dialogue is often forced and clunky. And some of the plots don't do it for me.

The Morgana were cringeworthy. The Nubbins were outright embarrassing. And the fight club thing annoyed me. So often they overdramatize everything. I just don't buy it.

I'll stick around for Revelations Part 2, but the negatives far far outweight the positive on this show for me. I really wanted to like it and I was so excited for it to premiere, but at the end of the day I just can't force myself to watch something that I'm not enjoying.

So I'll just have to wish Amanda Tapping the best of luck with her project and maybe I'll enjoy her in something else later down the line.

I'm kind of cranky this week, so I've passed on reading reactions to SV's "Legion" and SPN's "Family Remains" on LJ. (I made the mistake and looking at "Legion" reviews on the boards. I loved them both, but I don't want anyone harshing any squee that I have left *clings*
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