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Supernatural Observation

Quick note from last night's episode.

So, I guess if it takes the same righteous man to end the apocalypse that started it, then the events of "Heaven and Hell" were bluffs? I think Uriel said that they didn't need Dean and they could always find someone else.

Not that his word can be trusted anyway...

Maybe I'll actually talk about the episode this time. I dunno. We'll see. I tend to shy away from talking about the show. I haven't quite figured out why, but I'm starting to get a good idea.

Hope you all enjoyed it.

(Btw, with Castiel telling Dean he has to stop the end of the world and Lucifier, I wondering more and more now if Sam is going to have some Lucifer connection. Not sure yet how I feel about that if my spec is anywhere close to it.)
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