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Supernatural Wishlist

I consider this more of a wishlist for the end of the season instead of speculation because nine out of ten times I am wrong LOL

This is not based on any spoilers.

*No killing Bobby.*
I swear I will explode if they do.

*Deal with Sam vs Dean this season.*
I think it's inevitible since they've been hinting at it since forever. So, if this is bound to happen, then I wouldn't mind it in the finale into next season. You know, a few episodes. That way people can get evil!Sam for awhile and then he can find redemption (preferably through Dean *AND* himself since it is more powerful if it's Sam's free will involved) and then it's back to the boys kickin' it for the rest of the season.

If we get evil!Sam, I think we should get angelic!Dean - just temporarily. How else is he supposed to stop Sam? Don't get me wrong - I love that Dean is the regular old guy that just happens to be caught up in the middle of this and needs to stop it since he started it. But he was not immune to the special children and that includes Sam. So if Sam embraces his demon side in full, Dean is going to need something to level the playing field. Just make him normal again by the end, and I'm cool with it. Of course, I also had this image where Dean and Sam get powers and figure out how to use them and then are like ha! And dump their mentors to do it their way. That won't happen though, LOL. It's just fun to imagine.

*Reveal Ruby's motives*
Just some of them, please. I understand why they keep her motivations in the dark. She's manipulative. Look how much she has manipulated Sam and he's smart. But I think we need to know what is going on with her at least in part. It's been going on for a while now.

*Bring the brothers back together*
This is a wish more for next season since I just can't see it really happening unless briefly this season. After the two go up against each other and Sam rediscovers himself, then it's the brothers together again. I want them to buck the system and face the end together. That would make an awesome arc for most of S5. (Of course, JDM making an appearance next season would be amazing, but I'm getting ahead of myself.)

*No killing Bobby*
Because that can NEVER be said enough times ;)

So that is my wishlist. Do I expect any of this to happen? No. As much as I want it, it's not my story. The writers will probably prolong this as much as possible. Heh.

Plus, part of me is hesitant. I still want to write the paranormal story I had started piecing together before I watched SPN. It was originally about two brothers and angels and demons, but...LOL

I remember laughing to myself one day and assuring myself I was safe because they'd never bring angels on the show *snort* So, I'm revising the concepts over and over so it doesn't look like a copy, but Kripke isn't making it easy on me. I'm still going to write it someday, but it will need a lot of work. I just need to stop worrying that every idea and concept I have is a copy of everything I've seen. There is a difference between inspiration and out right copying. Plus, many of my ideas come before I watch the very thing I'm afraid of copying.

Anyway, I guess we'll see what happens right?
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