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Harper's Island

So, you see my mom is a mystery fan. So she's been fangirling over Harper's Island all week. Tonight, we watched it.

Well, I thought it was cheesy. However, I was fully expecting that so...LOL

Pretty much your standard mystery plot. Skantly clad women thrown in there, of course. And I find the music overpowering and sort of ruins the suspense. But it was pretty much what shows like that are supposed to be. I'm just spoiled ;)

That said, my mom liked it so we'll probably keep watching. Besides, I expect the first couple of episodes to be slow anyway. That's for establishing characters. I'm there for the mystery anyway. I can ignore the rest LOL

I thought Katie Cassidy looked beautiful.

I am already fangirling Jim Beaver. Ha.

I'm using a Bobby icon since that's all I have...
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