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A Few Announcements

I'm burnt out so I am on LJ. Where else would I be?


I noticed a ton of people posting about Dreamwidth. Nothing aginast Dreamwidth since it seems like it's run by a lot og great people, but I have no intention of moving over at this time. I'm rooted in LJ and I like it here. So, if you all are moving over, I'll certainly miss you if you don't stick around, but I wish you well, too. I just am comfy where I am.

This morning I updated my website to state that I am no longer writing SG-1 fic. I only did this because I know several people keep asking about fic and I figured it would be proper to let everyone know that I had stopped. I generally don't like grand announcements since I think it makes people look conceited, but I just thought it would be the courteous thing to do. I'm still keeping my fic up on my website and my LJ. I just won't be adding anything new.

So, if you are just here for fic or for SG-1, then you might be disappointed. (Though, it's been obvious that my SG-1 muse left some time ago.) But I do hope to stay friends with many of you beyond our love for SG-1 :)

I'm currently writing mainly in the SPN fandom, but I already know I will not reach the epic ficness that I did with SG-1. Still, it's fun as my sometimes hobby :)
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