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02 June 2009 @ 07:02 am
My Bloody Valentine 3D?  
Okay, flist. I didn't get to see it in the movie theater, but I know it's out on DVD. Is it worth it?

I don't mind horror movies, but I am not a huge fan of slasher flicks. That's not to say I haven't watched slasher flicks (I've seen some of the 80's classics), but normally I am more of a psychological horror fan. But I was going to give it a try for Jensen Ackles just like I was going to give Friday the 13th a try for Jared Padalecki.

Please don't spoil me - though I think someone did on my flist inadvertantly *sigh* - but I just want some honest opinions if you think it's worth it or not.
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souldier: tardis/spnlanternicity on June 2nd, 2009 07:30 pm (UTC)
I have a varied tolerance for horror movies, I saw MBV in theaters for the 3D specifically, and it really is not terrible. I especially liked the psychological angle, and it IS gory but...let's put it this way- I saw this movie and was OK,and was all set to see F13, but I saw the first 10 minutes at Comic Con and was like "NEVER MIND".

Anyway. You should see it, if only for Jensen.