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Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

Or maybe you do. I've done this before and I'll probably just give the same answers. Plus, I tend to repeat myself so...

1. I've made a career out of writing essays. Not exactly, but I won an essay contest when I was in 1st grade where I read the essay on the radio and was able to lead the parade at the circus that came to town. I won again in 3rd grade, but no circus this time *sad* I won another essay either in 8th grade or 9th grade - can't remember - where I was invited to Washington D.C., but I opted out because it scared me. I also won a Martin Luther King Jr. essay in 10th grade where I had to read in front of an entire congregation. I was following a sermon by their reverend. No pressure. It went well and I was interviewed later. I think maybe I am persuasive with words, but I don't see it.

2. I was assessed to be gifted at an early age. Don't remember how it all started, but the school officials took me out of my normal class and stuck me in some class for gifted creative students. I barely remember the class - I was in Grade 1 - but I can recall one class. They stuck a bunch of clay in front of me and wanted me to sculpt. (Pretty good that I didn't freak considering my fear of clay - thankyouverymuch Gumby and the Clay Monster.) I remember all the other kids went nuts and started creating right away. I stared at the clay for a long time. I wanted to make some kind of princess or fantasy creature, but I knew it never would be perfect so I froze. I think maybe the school people made a mistake ;) Anywho, they also wanted me to skip a grade but my parents said no. I'm thankful they did.

3. I talk to dead people. Maybe. Either I have an overactive imagination, am crazy, or just something I can't explain, but I've had several deceased people tell me things in dreams. The biggest example is that for several years my grandmother would come to me in dreams and tell me events that would happen in the future. Recurring dreams. And then the events would happen. That was different. I've had other people tell me things - boxes hidden here, go tell this or that, but I never did because I figured I just being silly again. Who knows. It hasn't happened in a while, though. I also sometimes can hear snatches of conversations before they happen and I've been told by a psychic once that I am clairaudiant or something like that, but I don't believe it.

4. I've seen UFO's. If I couldn't get weirder. I have seen lights in the sky. They chased each other - they would go straight up, down, zip backwards and front again. To this day, I still have no clue what they were. Maybe something military or something else natural over the water. No clue. But they were unidentified and flying and objects, so they fit the bill even if little grays weren't piloting them ;)

5. I tend to use self-depreciating humor to get a laugh. It's my schtick. Can you tell?
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