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Tech Help?

Ugh. I'm so frustrated.

Last week, the cable people helped us set up our vcr/dvd combo to our tv after all the problems we've been having. I haven't tried the dvd player until this week.

No sound.

*pulls hair*

Does anyone know how I can get sound? The picture is fine.

The VCR combo is hooked up directly to the TV and bypasses the cable box. That is how they had to set it up because of the HD Tv and cable box, supposedly. It looks like the white/red/yellow audio and video wires are plugged into the audio out on the vcr/dvd combo and plugged into the av1 in the back of the TV.

Like I said, picture works fine but when I try to play a DVD there is no sound. I took out my exercise DVD to see if it was just the DVD, but it won't play movies either.

I'm not sure what's wrong.

ETA: Cable guy was an idiot. I fixed it myself.
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