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Onward Smallville Season 9

I'm a spoilerwhore for SV so I went and watched the trailer they showed at Comic Con. I always have to be careful though, since I am a spoilerphobe for SPN and often info on the two tend to cross.

Anyway, onto my speculation for S9...

My guess is based on the footage, Lois gets sent to post-apocalyptic or at least authoritarian future where Kryptonians rule. After the events of Doomsday - losing Lois, Jimmy's death, Oliver's betrayal, maybe Chloe's actions - he makes good on his promise to leave his humanity behind and embracing his full Kryptonian side. Only, we know that Superman is about both his humanity and his alien nature, so this is a bad decision. In the long run, maybe he alligns himself with Zod or other Kryptonians and takes harder edge in his approach to Earth. (Sort of like Brave New Metropolis from the Animated Series, if anyone saw that.)

When Lois shows up in the future, Clark she helps him see what he's become and he turns on the other Kryptonians. Lois manages to go back in time to her present, but a Krypto chick comes with her, angry at what she has done and that Clark turned on them. That's how I make sense of Krypto chick in the present yelling at Clark for betraying them.

Lois comes back, but can't remember anything that happened, but is haunted by images and visions of the future. (I assume the train scene where Clark catches the train and is shocked to find Lois inside is from the present once she gets back.) Clark starts to become torn between his pledge to leave humanity behind and his growing love for Lois who becomes his link to humanity. Within her holds the key to his questions.

I wonder how this ties into Jor-el and the sins of the father. Maybe Jor-el little trip to Earth and his fling with Lana's relative caused major problems back home and he's so hard on Clark because he doesn't want Clark to suffer the same consequences as he. Jor-el might feel the human side is a horrible weakness because of past actions of his own and he's trying to shelter Clark from the same experiences. I'd love to have some explanation that makes sense and stops villifying Jor-el.

Oliver seems to have a dark arc (again) but at least it sounds more interesting than last year.

I assume Chloe is going to make it her mission to find the Justice League members that have disbanded after the events of Doomsday. She is going to keep Watchtower alive in memory of Henry/Jimmy and because she is tired of being everyone's support person. While the WT position might seem like a support position, and in many ways it is, I'm speculating Chloe is going to use it for much more. She's going to use it to do her own heroics, espcially if everyone else has run off.

I would think tess would keep a close eye on both Lois and Clark because she must be wondering what is going on and she always wants information. I think she's also going to be in over her head with Zod.

I have no idea how Lois and Clark get back in the Daily Planet.

I miss Jimmy already :( And I still miss Lex.

Like I said, this is just some speculation based on spoilers and the footage I've seen. I could be way off. But man, that trailer looked like a movie!

I don't want to be excited, but I kinda am. SV, I hate you for doing this to me!
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