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Internet? You There?

Wow, it's so quiet these past two days on LJ. *listens to the crickets*

Anyway, LJ is being fickle and not sending me comments. How nice for me.

So even though I am not getting comments and I think everyone's off at a party I wasn't invited to, I'm posting this anyway.

I'm feeling kinda artsy and offering to make icons. I'd mostly like to do Supernatural since that's where my heart is right now, but I'll have another post for other fandoms when I'm done with this. So if you have any icons you'd like to see, I can take a stab at them.

I also want to make some icons for my own pleasure, so do any of you know some awesome brother scenes? Caps for them? Or how about funny scenes with Dean or Sam or both? Awesome other characters like John and Bobby and Ellen and Cas and Mary and...yeah.

I kinda suck at finding caps which is why I don't make tons of icons, so if anyone could suggest scenes and where I can find caps, I would much appreciate it. :)
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