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SPN Promo from Last Night

I was watching SPN last night when I was startled they were promoting the show with a promo for the new season. I've been spoiler free, aside from some casting, so it was a surprise to me. Only ten seconds, but it was enough for me to make connections and put two and two together.

I saw a link for it online so I thought it would be no big deal for me to watch it again since I'd seen it last night. Sadly, it was a different promo and now I'm more spoiled. Oh well. I knew I couldn't avoid the promos forever. I don't tend to consider them spoilers anyway, because they are on air, but my problem is once I see them I get curious and want to look online for more information. It's going to take some resolve for me not to do it, but I'm terrible at fighting that sort of thing :(

So on that note, I have a question for anyone that saw last night's 20 second promo. If you've only seen the 10 second one, don't click below as it has some casting spoilers.

I saw Jo. I knew Jo was coming back, but torturing Sam? What happened? Is she a villain now? I might not have been the hugest Jo fan when she was on, but I liked her enough and I certainly didn't hate her. I'm all for some good tension, but I hope she doesn't end up an enemy to Sam and Dean, or that Sam ends up being evil or something. I'm just hoping that there is a misunderstanding here. Sam did just let out Lucifer. I assume not too many people will be happy with him. Of course, I'm not a writer and it's not my story so worrying is pointless. Does anyone know what episode she is coming back in?
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