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Thoughts on Odd Thomas

Just a few thoughts about the book...

I fully expected to love this book. Ghosts, unknown terror, and a bit of quirkiness to boot. In the end though, I can't say I as overly impressed with it.

I enjoyed the plot. I thought the narrative was tight and Koontz didn't stray with unnecessary scenes that rambled or went off on tangents. The prose veered off into a little too much flowery description at times, but usually stayed straightforward. i did like the bodachs and the cultish stuff. Koontz unravels a decent mystery/suspense. And I give him credit for surprising me at the end because I did fall for the final mislead.

I think my biggest problem were the characters. The characters in the book came off flat too me, and the main character seemed surface level. Since we see everything through his thoughts, I can understand the pop references and the metaphors, but it got to be too much for me after awhile. I didn't find any of the characters relate-able and the "banter" between the main character and the rest of the characters seemed forced. I think the only character I really liked was Elvis.

There were moments where I warmed up to Odd Thomas and Stormy, and I liked the other characters, but it they just didn't pull me in, which is a shame, really, given how strong the plot was.

Not a book I would recommend, but not a bad read.
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