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08 September 2009 @ 08:50 am
Fandom Meme  
I haven't done one in ages and figured I should. This meme works better for currently airing shows, so I am just going to stick with those.

For each of your fandoms, name
1. (worship!) A character you absolutely worship
2. (more!) A character you'd like to see more of
3. (destroy!) A character you could drop off the face of the canon/fanon/fandom, etc
4. (hit list) A character you'd like to have #1 kill
5. (sex list) A character you'd like to have #1 sex
6. (ressurection!) A character you'd like to un-kill.


1. (worship!) Dean!
2. (more!) Bobby!
3. (destroy!) Uh...No one? Seriously, I can't think of anyone. I love the characters I hate.
4. (hit list) The Big Bad, um you all know...he's coming.
5. (sex list) A character I'd like Dean to sex? It's easier for me to say who he DOESN'T sex. He's going to sex everyone anyway.
6. (resurrection!) Oh, John :(


1. (worship!) Clark (and Lois)
2. (more!) Lois! (And I shouldn't have to say this since it's his show, but Clark!)
3. (destroy!) Uh...honestly? No one. I didn't like Davis even I liked the actor but he's gone.
4. (hit list) Superman doesn't kill!
5. (sex list) I don't need Clark sexing anyone right now, but my future ship is Clois, so I go with Lois.
6. (resurrection!) Jonathan Kent

Also, I miss Lex terribly :(


1. (worship!) Sawyer!
2. (more!) Richard
3. (destroy!) Kate
4. (hit list) Whoever the true villain is on this show if we ever figure it out.
5. (sex list) James/Juliet *wails*
6. (resurrection!) I don't know who is dead/missing/disappeared from S5, so I'm just going with everyone. Plus, the list from previous seasons is too long.
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santicourt on September 9th, 2009 12:17 am (UTC)
1. (worship!) Sam!
2. (more!) Castiel!
3. (destroy!) New!Ruby (hey, this kind of came true!)
4. (hit list) Lucifer? I dunno.
5. (sex list) Oh god, anyone. That man is so hot with no clothes on ♥
6. (ressurection!) Old!Ruby, John, or Ash.