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Turn Back Time

In light of the Season 5 Supernatural premiere just a couple of days away, and that it is more likely than not this storyarc for the Winchester brothers will be coming to an end this season, I thought we could go back to how it all began.

The following are two Season One promos that aired back when the show was just starting. One is a Dean voice-over and the other is a Sam voice-over. These promos showcase the show through the eyes of each brother. The Dean one talks about searching for their dad and being a family again, while the Sam focuses on the inability to be ordinary and destiny. How appropriate, eh? I really love how different they are and how they talk about the same thing - protecting people - but from different perspectives.

I think Jensen's is a little stiff (though I like it anyway), and Jared's has the appropriate touch of sadness. I chose a youtube clip that has both promos together embedded below.

My brother and I have chosen to follow in our father's footsteps, exploring the unknown, protecting the frightened. But now dad's missing and the trail is growing cold. We'll keep searching until we find him. We will become a family again.

Life will never be ordinary for us. There are powerful forces out here, things that can't be explained. So we protect those who are lost and afraid. This journey is our burden, our secret, our destiny.
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