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SPN: 5x01 Sympathy for the Devil

I stopped giving my initial thoughts on episodes last year because it stressed me out too much. I'm going to try again this year, though don't expect me to be consistent. I also don't like to read really negative reviews so don't be mad if I skip over reviews on my flist. It's not like you're obligated to read mine either.

I loved the beginning. Lucifer comes out. Boys on a plane, eh?? Would have loved to see Dean flip out from being on a plane, but I don't think he had a chance. Though if I were Dean. I would never get on one ever again. (And he did look more freaked than Sam so I will count that as still-scared-of-planes.)


Dean's upset about Cas. Aw :(

And he learned from Cas too. Cool :)

Yay for Meg! Woot! Demons want a piece of Dean. Yay!

Angels want Dean. Yay!

(Deangirl is PLEASED.)

Sam can make hex bags. Dean is not pleased.

I didn't like the bit with the crazy fangirl. I might hate Wincest, but I just didn't like that whole part. It didn't work with this episode and it felt weird and out of place.

Bobby crushed Sam's heart. Aw. I think we kinda knew just then that wasn't Bobby. And when he started agreeing with John? Dean sorta suspected, but let it go. But geez, Dean. You figured out John wasn't John and Grandpa wasn't Grandpa. This was kinda a red flag LOL

Dean is Micheal's weapon? Oh nice. That is AWESOME. *fangirls* But he's a vessel? How does that work? He obviously can't hold an angel. Do archangels override that sort of thing? Or is it because he broke the first seal they make an exception and whoever does it can hold an archangel?

What I mean to say, I'm guessing that conversation meant that even though he can't be a vessel for angels, because he broke the first seal he's sort of been tailor made for Micheal.

BTW, that entire scene was awesome. Dean's back to being badass :)

Castiel! Oh nice. He has the sword thingy. Convenient that he marked them so angels can't find them LOL

He has a GED *burst out laughing* He was so proud in his not!peptalk.

Bobby is crippled? No!

Lucifer is a mastermind. Not a single lie, but manipulates the truth enough to be tempting. Awesome.

Sam is crushed that he can't win Dean's trust back. Aw! I still think he will. It'll just take like half the season or something.

A little slow in places, but decent premiere. I enjoyed it.

I'm convinced the boys will have a rocky relationship and they'll mend some fences as time goes on. They can't be the same people they once were, but they'll come out of it older and wiser. I think they learn to trust each other again, but it will be painful. Really, would we want it any other way?

ETA: I'm adding this though I doubt anyone will believe me. Before watching this ep, I thought maybe Bobby would lose his ability to walk and he'd end up in a wheelchair this season. I wasn't spoiled for what happened to Bobby.

My Kripke connection lives on. (I also hoped, though wasn't sure it would happen, that Dean's arc would be fighting not to be Micheal's host. I was surprised that was right, in part. My way involved a lot of pain and angst LOL
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