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SPN: About Spoilers, Friending Memes, and Other Stuff

#1 - I've decided that I'm just not all that successful in friending memes. I don't know if I'm just odd, or what, but I just don't find many like minds. I don't need to know people who think exactly like me or anything, but I have been hunting around for more people with similar interests. There don't seem to be any. I am lucky that a couple have been successful and I met some amazing people that way. I just wish it happened more often, heh.

I'm considering running a couple of my own again sometime in the fall, but I'm not sure yet. I just did one late spring/early summer. And if I did another, I'm not sure what I would aim for.

#2 - I have to talk about spoilers again, unfortunately. For the record, I consider myself spoiler-free. Now, I do watch the promos that air on CW as commericals, and I do watch them at the end of an episode. Once in a while, I'll look at stills. I try very very hard to avoid everything else. And I always talk about promos under a cut since I know other people consider them spoilers.

That said not only was I spoiled last night before the episode aired, but also in comments on one of my posts (even if I didn't know it at the time). Please. I am asking that if you are coming on my journal to comment, do not post spoilers unless the post is about a certain spoiler. I don't appreciate being spoiled and neither do the other spoilerphobes on my flist.

#3 - I'm not sure what prompted this, but I've been mulling over this last point a lot, and I think it stems from the negativity between Sam and Dean fans that I see (and other groups). I'm a little tired of feeling like I have to prove that as a Deangirl, I like Sam, too, or that I'm fair. I think anyone who knows me can see that.

Sam fans, John fans, Castiel fans, Bela fans, Ruby fans...everyone* is always welcome on my journal. I like knowing all kinds of fans. meg_tdj is devout Samgirl and we get along fantastic. But I'm a Deangirl. My journal will be mostly about Dean when I post. I shouldn't have to feel guilty that I like Dean more than Sam, just like a Sam fan shouldn't have to feel guilty liking Sam more than Dean. If I don't talk about Sam, it doesn't mean I hate him. If I'm squeeing about Dean, it doesn't mean I don't like anything else on the show. Heck, I adore the Sam and Dean brother relationship the most, can't get enough Bobby, love John and Mary, think Ellen is cool, have warmed up to Jo, can't live without the Impala, want more yeah. I think my journal and personality show that I love many things about this show.

So I decided that I don't have to prove anything. I know I'm pretty fair as a Deangirl who loves Sam, even if people don't agree with me sometimes. I'm probably closer to Bi-Winchester than I realize, and I happily make art when inspired and write a lot of Sam in fanfic, but I definitely skew Dean. There is no denying I identify with Dean, am more engaged in Dean's storyline, and enjoy more Dean-centric things. That said, the last thing I would want is The Dean Show, you know? And I certainly get my Sam squee on quite a bit :)

I know not everyone has to like all the characters. I just get sad that so many people are mean about it, and that so many fans take their frustration out on the fans that enjoy the show and most characters *shrugs* And while this post itself sounds very apologetic, I don't care. I just wanted to talk about it.

So while I shouldn't have to say it, I felt like it should be said. I'm just tired of stuff like that and I'm barely in fandom!

*When I say everyone, I do mean everyone, but I hate Wincest and I would not like to see the topic discussed on my journal. I have several friends that do Wincest, so please do not make fun of them or bash them on my journal either. Post whatever you want on your journals, but I just ask you be respectful on mine.

ETA: There are a couple of casting spoilers in the comments so please be careful if casting is an issue for you :)
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