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Anyone know any freelance writing jobs? Like real, legit ones?

I know I've had this conversation before with people and I swear one or two of you gave me awesome excellent advice/suggestions, but my brain is Swiss cheese these days and I have trouble remembering where I put my glasses. I just never know what I could actually write about.

In unrelated news, I guess it's Supernatural against Fringe tonight. That makes me sad. SPN isn't really a headlining show. I don't want it to take a numbers hit. I love my little cult show. I'm not doing that against P.Diddy twitter thing. SPN fans don't need negative press. I'd rather promote in a positive way.

And I still need to find a photo for my book jacket *sigh* That actually makes me physically out there which is a bit scary.

At least I had a writing epiphany last night, and I shall be posting new icons in the future.

All is not lost in the world, at least for me, LOL.
Tags: tv: supernatural discussion/meta, writing: original

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