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Because I Say Screw It...

I created a Dean/Jo Friending Meme and then decided, you know what? I'm just making this a Dean/Jo weekend instead.

*listens to the collective gasps of horror, especially by my fellow GEN folk*

I pride myself on being a gengal. I love my gen, and Sam and Dean are the heart and soul of Supernatural. I love all the complex gen relationships, the family relationships, and don't think the show is suited for too much romance.

That said, I decided that I can love and adore my gen stuff to my heart's content, but just because I'm gen doesn't mean I can't get into something else. So that's it. Dean/Jo weekend because I've started to really like them. :)

Click on the graphic below to play in the Dean/Jo CommentFic Meme over at the Dean/Jo comm where it's being hosted :)

Tags: spn: dean/jo, tv: supernatural discussion/meta, writing: fanfic
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