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Dean/Jo Wing!Fic Prompts

I know that we have the Dean/Jo CommentFic Prompts open over at dean_jo, and I am percolating on some of them, but I am also looking for some prompts myself.

Some of you know that I'm writing a series called Playing the Angel which is an AU (mixed with canon) where Dean develops wings. I'm writing several stories in this universe, many which are gen and some which are Dean/Jo. The series is slow going, especially the gen side, which is heavier on the main plot.

That said I wouldn't mind writing some little ficlets to kind of get the juices flowing again. So I'm taking prompt requests for ficlets. Funny, angsty, whatever. If I can accommodate it, I'll do it :) Just leave a comment on this post and I can see what I can do. If it doesn't fit at all, I may not be able to write it, but I'm open to writing something for someone in this universe if they want.

I'm mainly looking for Dean/Jo because that is the theme of this weekend for me, but if you want to request something gen with different characters, that's fine too. I just happen to be working on a BIG gen piece for this 'verse and I was looking for something different to spark my creativity. I'm not sure if many people are interested, but I thought I'd open it up just in case.

ETA: I don't write pr0n, and I think Midnight Run is as close to it as you'll ever get. So I have to pass on any NC-17 type of prompts. Thanks :)
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