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SPN: 5x03 - Free to Be You and Me

Just a few thoughts on tonight's episode of Supernatural.

I'll keep it brief this time. Not a bad episode, though it won't be one of my faves. It was nice how they opened it between Sam and Dean and contrasted and compared how their lives were. It was really nice to see Dean laugh and smile and be a perv again, though he is totally using Cas as a Sam substitute. I thought Misha did a great job in this episode and the archangel/God stuff was cool. Yes, Dean, I want your necklace back too :(

I can really relate to the tied to family thing, even if I feel guilty admitting that.

I'm assuming Lucifer was coming to Sam in his dreams, right? Because he can't find him otherwise.

Aw Jess. Poor Sam.

Kudos to the people calling Sam as Lucifer's true vessel. When they went for Dean being Micheal's, I started to wonder if many of those people were right after all. Who can resist brother vs brother on an epic scale? As a writer myself, I would be all over that. It would be foolish for the writers not to exploit that metaphor.

Honestly, though, while I think that is amazingly cool in a plot intensive way, I really don't want more brother vs brother, though my guess is if they do it, it will be the climax of the season. Ups and downs until then. Getting together, splitting apart. They finally make amends and oh noes! They are possessed, heh heh. So the writers will either go there or they've have Sam and Dean find a way out at the last minute. I guess we'll have to see. Whatever happens, I do expect Sam and Dean to be on the same side eventually and to triumph. I just hope it's not in the last few minutes of the season/series ;)

Though not sure how much of a life they'll have if Raphael's host in any clear indication.

I guess that's it. I don't have much to say tonight.
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