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About Comment Fic

Random topic I know, but I'm on and off rambly today.

I was thinking about commentfic and how it comes so easily for some people and it's more of a struggle for others. Myself? I love a good prompt. Seriously. I adore inviting prompts. An interesting prompt sends me to all kinds of creative places. However, I struggle with commentfic and can't seem to do it often.

One, my commentfic always comes out to be actual fic. It's rarely ever short and my definition of short is long by some people's standards.

Two, trouble finding prompts. Most prompts I find just don't speak to me. I fear this means my view of the show (whichever show that might be) is very very different than anyone else's. I was just looking at a commentfic meme today and the prompts just seemed too OOC for me. It's been going on for a few days now, and still just nothing.

Three, the quick turnaround, which should be freeing and fun, ends up making me wonder if I should just focus on my WIPs instead since my commentfic never comes out very short.

But all this pondering on commentfic led me to think about the nature of fanfic itself. At least one aspect of it anyway.

I'm not addressing all the categories here, nor do I want to - like RPF or full-out AU. I'm basically talking about fic that resembles the characters and the show very very closely, but has a certain "feel" to it.

And this is for all fandoms, though some of my examples may refer to SPN.

There seems to be fanfic that could easily be an episode on the show, or a missing scene, or tie in somehow. There are other types of fanfic that are AU, but canon enough that you could see them fitting if the universe was tweaked slightly, or if different avenues had been taken. Then there is fiction that clearly feels like fanfic. Generally, I avoid a lot of the last one. This is where a lot of fanon cliches come in or things get too schoompy for me, but I can also find really good fic that I enjoy that also "feels" like fanfic. Usually this involves a cliche, but written with amazing canon and characterization. Does that make sense?

I hope that makes sense. So, I guess where I am going with this is...when you read fanfic, what do you look for? Do you want something meaty that could easily be on the show? Do you want something that feels like canon but has a small AU element to it? Or do you like something that feels and tastes like fanfic?

I tend to prefer the first one, will make exceptions for the second, and tend to avoid the third unless I want it or feel comfortable with the writer. Some people can take a cliche and make it really awesome, like a curse or H/C or something, but it's really hit or miss with me. For others, it's perfect.

(Of course, what I read and what I write don't always add up. I write cliches on occasion if I can feel I can do a decent job with them. Sometimes I win and sometimes I fail. I mostly try to write canon-based stuff and when I do something AU-ish, I do stick to canon as much as possible.)

There has to be a more direct way of saying this but I fail at words this morning, LOL. So feel free to share and give your opinion, but please play nice. If possible, I'd love to not talk about Wincest in this post. Thanks :)
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