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Icon Meme #1

1. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick SIX of your icons.
2. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I chose.

Okay, I am doing meg_tdj's first because I was mean and never did this meme last time. She picked all icons I made, so I will credit me in advance. Thanks Kerri!

This is Mulder from the second episode of X-Files ever. I love that episode and that scene is just stunning. Okay, it's stunning in the icon but as far as 90s effects go, not so much anymore. I still love this show so much. I made it to try to rekindle my heavy XF squee. It's still there but too much else going on right now.

As much as I love Alec and how Jensen played him in Dark Angel, I don't really ship Max/Alec. I ship Max/Logan when it's not stupid. And back at this point, it wasn't stupid at all. I loved how he was brainy, wordly, but in a wheelchair and how she was superpowered, moible, but in many ways naive. Their devotion to eahc other was very touching.

Meg chose one of my wing!fic icons. Bwahahaha. I've created a series where Dean gets wings, and he and Sam are trying to figure out how, why, and then how to reverse it. I haven't published many of the fics online yet, even though I've written a few, since I want the starter fic up and it's taking forever. But this icon is one of a few that were made specifically for my series. I'm self-centered like that ;)

Oh, this icon is special to me. I usually don't have time to really make icons where I merge images, but this one I did. And it really speaks to how I see part of the relationship between Dean and Cas. I call it "Castiel's Charge" and it's basically Castiel guiding and watching over Dean. Now, there's much more to their relationship and Dean also guides and watches over Cas, but I was focusing on this one aspect when I made the icon :)

I have a major kink for Dean in a graveyard. He's just so amazingly competent and smart and awesome in scenes like this. I really liked playing with the colors and contrasting the light and dark in this icon, so it's easily one of my faves.

Because our Winchester boys know how to strut and do their thang.
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