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Why Can't I Do Math Today?!

I'm trying to get Sam and Dean's ages right for a flashback and I cannot for the life of me get them to match, LOL. It's ridiculous. I am making some real simple error. I know it. If I do Dean separate, I get the right age and if I do Sam separate, I get the right age, but when I put them together, I'm off by a year *scratches head* They have at least 4 years between them, right? I'm not going insane? Why aren't you working, numbers! I need to know what year to set the flashbacks!

Because as of right now, numbers, you are telling me that Sam either waited a year to go to college/did the five year plan (um no) or that Dean has an extra year in there somewhere (more plausible) but the numbers still don't make sense because we have canon ages and birthdates.

Why am I being so OCD? Brain you fail me today.

*tries again*

ETA: Okay, cause I'm crazy. *waves list* I did out all the years and their ages have never been goofed on the show. It's that their ages DON'T MATCH traditional schooling years in the US. That means they have an extra year in there.
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