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SPN 5x06: I Believe the Children Are Our Future

breaking out the Whitney Houston songs? I loved that song in the 80s.

I went back and forth on whether I wanted to talk about the episode or not, but I obviously decided to do it.

I loved the episode. Not too much comedy/silly stuff, and not overly gut punching angst. Those are my fave kinds of episodes, even if I do like many that are crazy and ones that are just heartbreaking.

Anyway, points worth noting:

*All the little stories you're told as a kid are true: don't make a face or it will stay that way, the toothfairy (yay! that's one off my list!!); pop rocks and coke - I admit I never did that one for fears of stomach problems; and various other ones. I loved how they were worked into the story. Even Dean's, er, self-love issue.

*After years of antichristing Sam, we learn he's not meant for that label after all. Poor Gordon would be SO disappointed. On the other hand, Sam is actually Lucifer's vessel so that's a step up. Gordon would have had a field day with that one.

*Castiel not happy with Sam. That scene was great. Love that Dean didn't butt into that conversation and let Sam hold his own. I also love that Dean sided with him. Not that Dean would kill a kid anyway, but the body language where he came between Sam and Cas was great.

*And Dean lost his buddy Cas when Jesse make him a toy. Aw. Dean has a real friend.

*Loved Dean being Dean and Sam searching for redemption. That kid was pretty good. I felt for him.

*I'm guessing future!Dean couldn't reach Michael and the other angels because Antichrist kid nuked them all. Ouch.

*Also, is it just me or did this have a Good Omens vibe to it? Demons lose the antichrist, antichrist is just a boy who is struggling with what is right or wrong, different groups trying to influence him, the ability to shape reality...I'm sure other books have done it too (or movies0 but Good Omens stood out to me. We just needed Crowley and Aziraphale!

Interesting things to think about in this episode and the end was very sad, both with the kid and Sam and Dean musing about their dad. I think we'll be revisiting this story in the future.
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