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Observation on Changing Channels

This is a non-spoilery question, so I'll leave it above a cut. It's just be niggling at my brain.

When I was rewatching this episode, I noticed that Dean wasn't wearing his usual ring and bracelet thing. It was conspicuously absent, considering he's worn them since S1, with maybe the exception of an episode or two where he couldn't wear it, like when he was in the hospital or in prison. Most likely AU eps, too.

So the fact they weren't in this episode at all really surprised me. I wonder why they didn't bother with them in this episode. Too much continuity work with all the changes in scenes/clothes/costumes? I just guess after missing the amulet so much, I've grown attached to everything else. I hope they come back. It really adds character to Dean.

I saw the promo for next week, but I didn't get a good shot of his hand. Yes, I am a pathetic fan, LOL. (See? In the mood theme? They are almost always there!)

What do you think?
Tags: tv: supernatural discussion/meta
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