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Goals and Dexter

I always say I am going to take some time to do something for myself, but I never do. So instead of making weekend goals for myself this weekend, I am stretching them to the week. I know I won't get to do everything I want to this weekend.

*Create some kind of fanart (really anything would be nice already)
*Write a couple of scenes in one of my WIP fanfics
*Write two scenes in my current original WIP
*Organize something in my chaotic room

Not too many goals, but it's a start, right? Now if I could only convince myself that it's okay for me to stop doing other things to take a break for myself, LOL.

In other news, my brother has been having me watch this season of Dexter. I'm not a Dexter fan, but this season is really well done. I've been impressed. Then again, I love a good thriller.

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