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LJ Changes Pt. 1

I've gone ahead an made some changes. Here are the updates so far:

My Supernatural Master List has been updated.

Fanart - I've divided this tag into several tags for Supernatural, Smallville, and Stargate. Since I have the most icons/walls/banners for those three shows, I figured they should have their own tag. At this time Star Wars, Farscape, X-Files, and Dark Angel ( as well as random shows) do not have a separate fanart tag. If I make more in the future, then they will. If you are looking for art from those shows/movies, it would be under their own tag - e.g. "farscape."

Fandom Tags - I've relabeled most of these "discussion/meta." I'll be going back and untagging anything that isn't episode discussion, general discussion, or meta and giving it its own tag. So, for example, there is "spn: discussion/meta" instead of "supernatural."

Supernatural: I'll be adding a few more tags.

Stargate: I've combined my SG-1 stuff and my very little SGA stuff together and eliminated the SGA tags.

Fic: Fanfic has been labeled "fic" followed by the show and/or gen, het, or slash. My Playing the Angel series has its own tag. I'm probably going to be retiring my website and my slash fic from SG-1 (since I'm not into it anymore) so if you'd like to save any of that, please do.

Writing: I've divided out my writing tag. I'll be making more tags for this.

Dean/Jo: I can't deny that I grew to love this pairing, so I gave them their own tag. It's a catch-all tag that will include discussion, fic, art, etc.

I've relabeled some other tags.

I'll be making more changes, but this is what i have so far. Some links may not work or others might be locked. I'll be working on fixing those.

Yay for organization in the New Year!
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