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06 January 2010 @ 01:56 pm
Website and LJ  
Just a few things...

Well, I made the final decision. I am going to close my website. It makes me sad and I'll be sorry to see it go, but it's for the best. I don't have time to keep updating it and I don't really use it anyway. Most of my fic is right here on LJ.

This will create some problems with dead links I'm sure. I never wanted for that to happen, but it is what it is.

That said: Over the course of the next few months, I'll be moving the rest of my fic back over here and changing the links to LJ links and not website links. Everything there can be found here anyway. I'll just miss my pretty headers/banners.

2. Also, I've come to the decision that I will be retiring my SG-1 slash fic. It was a hard decision to make, but I think it's the right one. I don't have a problem with slash and I think a few of the stories I wrote we're bad at all. I'm not sorry I wrote them. But they don't really reflect how I truly see the show or how I feel about the characters. I'm an idea writer and I write when ideas come to me, independent if I believe in the pairing or not. I don't expect many people to understand, but it's just something I have to do. I'm just not into slash anymore and I'm no longer a slash writer. Any slash pairings in the future will come from my own stories if I find it's part of the character.

If anyone would like any of the SG-1 slash stories, they are still available and will be for a couple of months.

3. Finally, I know a lot of people have been friending me and unfriending me lately. That's fine. For those of you who have friended me, I don't usually friend back right away anymore since I'm overly cautious at avoiding wank or stuff that will bring me down. So if you were looking for some kind of mutual discussion/friending just let me know, and if we have stuff in common, I'll friend you back. If you're just here to read or watch, that's fine too. I don't mind. I just can't tell sometimes. And if you feel like you would like we're not connecting, have nothing in common, or I clog up your flist, go ahead and defriend me. It's okay,* really :)

*Except for a few of you. You're all mine! *cackles*
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aurora_novarum: Daniel & Cameron casualaurora_novarum on January 6th, 2010 07:12 pm (UTC)
Well, you know me, just a storm of wank. Maybe I'll just defriend you right now, and save the trouble.

Oh crap, I'm one of the few, aren't I? Oh noes! Hee hee hee. *hugs moonshayde*

*we are writing that fic this year...I'm almost absolutely positive this time*
annj_g80annj_g80 on January 6th, 2010 08:06 pm (UTC)
Oh no! You won't get rid of me that easily!

Anna: SG-1lastingdreams8 on January 6th, 2010 09:25 pm (UTC)
I love how this post is organized :)
It's a new year, so it's a good time to end and start things I suppose :)
     Mandya_phoenixdragon on January 6th, 2010 09:52 pm (UTC)
I'd love to have your SG-1 slash - I'll get to that soon!!

Hate to see you retire your site, but if you have to do that, you have to do that...

No way am I defriending you! You're stuck with me, buddy, lol!!

*hugs you tight*
From Mission Impossible To MissionInfreakingsanitynot_from_stars on January 6th, 2010 10:14 pm (UTC)
You need to do what's best for you, and I understand about having to make changes that are hard.

(Deleted comment)
Working for the Mandroid: Spotlightmoonshayde on January 6th, 2010 11:30 pm (UTC)
Yeah. I feel really bad about it. I just don't write it anymore and I don't feel like housing it here and with my website going, that's it. but you can absolutely link people to this post and they can take whatever they want. And if they miss out and want something in the future, I can happily send it to them.

(Deleted comment)
Working for the Mandroid: Nevermoonshayde on January 7th, 2010 01:44 am (UTC)
No problem. Though, aurora_novarum is trying to talk me out of it. Or at least just keep the entries and not have a master list. I'm considering doing that since I rarely delete posts anyway.
charmedstrange1charmedstrange1 on January 7th, 2010 04:06 am (UTC)
Hey! I saw the note on your SG-1 fic via princessofg, so I came over and swept it up. :) I only read Jack/Daniel now and then these days, but I can't stand the thought of losing any I might need! LOL. Thanks for the heads-up for us old slash die-hards. ;)
mysticalweather: SV: (moonshayde) Defriendsmysticalweather on January 8th, 2010 08:03 am (UTC)
...shameless post just to use the icon.


(Sorry, you're stuck with me.)