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Old SPN Vids

I decided to open my vid folder which I never do and I found some really old vids I had sent to me or snagged on my own way way back. And as I pulled them out, I realized when I had originally watched them, I hadn't yet seen all of S2.

So I'm laughing when a scene pops up and I'm like, oh yeah! I remember not knowing what the heck that was about! Haha.

I think I started watching a couple of vids very early into S3 and then by mid-S3 I was watching them (or leeching off meg_tdj rather frequently. Still, having only received my S2 DVDs that same Christmas, I would have only watched the first few eps by then. I had seen eps on and off from S2 when it initially aired, but I was only casually watching it back then.

(I also notice my fave vids seem to be S3 vids. I am really a sucker for anything about Dean's arc and I loved the vids about his deal.)

I know that I had definitely seen these S2 eps when I started watching these vids: In My Time of Dying (only half the ep), Crossroad Blues, The Usual Suspects, Croatoan, Heart, Roadkill, Tall Tales, Hollywood Babylon, and All Hell Breaks Loose Pt 1 &2. My guess is that I was up to around ep 6 or 8 or so when I started watching these vids because I look at clips from Hunted, Folsom Prison Blues and Born Under a Bad Sign and I'm like wha? LOL I had no context for them.

Ah, good memories. As much as I adore SPN even now, I really miss S1 and S2.
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