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Oh, right. I'm supposed to be writing.

I keep remembering and promptly forgetting that I owe "Dean-focused hurt/comfort fic" for the hoodie_time challenge. I'm supposed to write some temporarily crazy Dean, which shouldn't be hard. Besides, one of my fanfic guilty pleasures (besides my wing thing) is hurt/sick!Dean with protective!Sam. I wish we got more protective Sam on the show lately, though. *sad*

I'm debating between two different ideas. I suppose I should work on it this weekend along with some other projects I have going.

It's been hard going with a severe attack of the lonelies lately. No matter what I do I feel so sad and alone. Makes it hard to write. But I'm going to try anyway. I want to get it done. We'll see how it comes out.
Tags: writing: fanfic

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