Working for the Mandroid (moonshayde) wrote,
Working for the Mandroid

SPN 5x12 "Swap Meat"

I shouldn't be online right now but...tonight's ep?

Can I play Kripke bingo or what? It seems like just about everything I want gets done, even if it's not done EXACTLY the way I want it.

Does this mean I'll get Michael coming to Dean as John, but not the way I envision it? We shall see.

Good ep. Jared was funny. And I loved the whole bounty on Dean thing.

One thing I didn't like about the episode is that it took so long for Dean to act. He was obviously suspicious of how Sam was acting, but he waited so so long. I think it's because he just wanted to convince himself this Sam was Sam, and just stay in denial, especially since Gary liked the same music, was drinking with Dean, and saying things that made Dean feel like Sam enjoyed his company/interests. But I know people out there will be slamming him, saying he's dumb. Boo to that.

I had recently stumbled on a spoiler that said Sam and Dean would switch bodies, but I figured that was a foiler (or a script change) because I had seen the preview trailer last week and knew it wouldn't happen. So, I am disappointed about that, but didn't expect it to happen anyway. Kripke always does a twist on fan wishes.

But dang. Would have been cool to see Jared and Jensen play each other. That's the only reason I wanted it, LOL.

It was a good ep though.

And next week's preview/trailer? Without going into specifics, wow. That was a very good teaser for next week.
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