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SPN 5x13: The Song Remains the Same

This one used to have a different title (Back to the Future Part II) but I'm guessing they couldn't get it okayed for the end.

Anyway, my thoughts on the episode.

My fave episodes are the ones that deal with the Winchester family, so I knew I was going to love this one right away.

It didn't disappoint. I loved it.

I got Michael coming to Dean as John! Wrong John, but still John. Ha. And he's awesome. He's so powerful that all he has to do is snap his fingers or touch a person and bam.

Sam's first time time-traveling encounter and his first meeting with his mom. (No, hallucinations and Mary's ghost don't count.) He was so overcome. Poor guy. Dean's an old hat at this by now and already went through his emotional meetings.

It was nice that Sam got to "apologize" to John even if John didn't know what he was talking about. I figure Sam has been holding that in since S2, so it was nice to see that. Dean is different, of course, since he didn't need to make the same kind of peace that Sam did.

Overall, this was really a heartbreaking episode for Mary. Her life is a dead end. Nothing she ever hoped and dreamed would ever come to pass. So sad.

John said yes to save Mary. *sniff* And she was preggers with Dean. D'aw.

meg_tdj and I so called this episode. Good to know my kripke-fu is on task!

And I'm convinced now that Dean will say yes to Michael. I don't know why or how, but the fact that Michael said that when he was done, he wouldn't leave Dean basically a dead husk makes me believe this was the out the writers wanted. They can have Michael possess Dean and then get him out and still have Dean somewhat in one piece.

I still don't know why Sam and Dean can't hear/see angels if they have the right bloodline for it. And I think I missed something there. Did they explain how that works? Kudos to superbadgirl though for being persistent in saying that Sam and Dean (or at least Sam) was special in that regard. I didn't think they would go there for either brother.

The very end, though, with Mary saying that "angels are watching over you." I know that was a call back to S2 when Dean told Sam that Mary used to tell him that before he went to bed, but what do you suppose prompted her to feel that warm toward angels? I know she can't remember anything. She probably picked up the angel statue based on a deja vu feeling of angels. But what would make her feel like angels were watching over them? And in a positive way? Misreading of her feeling of familiarity? Or when Michael wiped her and John's minds, did he leave some kind of suggestion making her feel warm towards angels? Just curious on your thoughts.

Twas an awesome, awesome episode though. Much love. SPN just rocks so hard. I'm so glad I'm a fan of this show :)

Smallville in a few hours!
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