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SV 9x12/9x13: Absolute Justice

I'm going to post some of my thoughts here on my LJ since many people at k-site are being assholes.

I was really impressed with the movie. I loved the feel of it and the effects. It was fun and interesting. Not perfect, but when is anything?

The characterization was great. I simply loved the nod to Lex. Clark: "Lex is dead." Dr. Fate: silent.

MS really needed to stop with the dumb gruff voice, though. Other than that, I liked him as Hawkman just fine. The wings annoyed me. Not enough to kill my wing fetish though!

I know there have been a lot of complaints that we never see Clark investigate or actually go out and do things and all he does is zip here or there and smash things. I've complained about it too. I'm a huge Clark fan and I like to see him figure things out and be the moral compass for people.

Now, we get an episode where we are actually shown Clark investigating and getting cerebral, and still becoming an inspiration for people.

And it's still not good enough.

I understand the complaints. I do. But I thought that Clark was written very well in this. He was intelligent, supportive, and kind. He was an investigator. In the end, he was a superhero who did battle as part of a team. The JSA were impressed at the pure altruism in his pursuit to save people. And even when he didn't know the entire story, he followed his instinct that the JSA were good people. (And kudos to Lois for figuring out everything just based on a lead. Heck, she did it all on her own! That is the Lois I love.) I also loved that Clark and Lois had similar reads on people. Clark followed his instincts and believed in the JSA. Lois used her reporter skills and believed in them based on what she uncovered. None of the other characters did that.

Too much time for some of the other characters, imo, on their own. I would have liked to see more collaboration/interaction between the JL characters, but what we did get made me smile. I would have loved more scenes with Clark and MM because they are fantastic together. But I knew before watching that this episode/movie event was going to be about the JSA and the JL.

I found it odd that Clark was excluded at the end to their little dinner thing, but then again I felt that JL scene was about getting Chloe to go out more, Oliver trying to move on and become more open, and MM needed some company. Clark doesn't have any of those issues right now and had a scene with his girlfriend instead. We don't even know if the Clark and Lois scene was at the same time as the JL scene. Clark probably spent the night out saving people instead.

Was it the best episode ever? Not for me. But when the movie was done, I felt hopeful and happy, which is something Superman stories are supposed to do.
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