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I'm trying to ween myself off fanfic. Not that I write much anymore anyway, but I want to devote more time to my original stuff and save the fanfic as a hobby.

And what happens today? I get this idea for a SPN fanfic that I think could be amazing. I'm really excited about it.


I still have the Bobby fic to finish and tie-in to the Sam AU I had written. And then there is my series. Now, I won't be quitting that. The series I was writing was going to be my fun little hobby/stress release. I have several of those that will be ready to post soon. But once I finished with that AU series, then that would be it, pretty much.

Only now I think I would like to play with this one. it would be a bit of a time jumper, events happening in several different times, including an alternate future.


Bad brain. Bad.
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