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They have a blog? Seriously?


I knew that HellHounds Lair existed for the episode "Hell House" in S1, and it's still around, though I assume it's changed significantly by now.

And I knew that the Ghostfacers had a website because I watched clips when "Ghostfacers" aired. I just had no idea there was still stuff up there!

It hasn't been updated in a while, but it has the clips that were used in the episode "It's a Terrible Life" when Sam and Dean, not remembering who they were, looked up paranormal hunting online.

The blog had Ed and Harry whining about Sam and Dean a bit, and the videos on the website include the Comic-Con crash they did where they interrupted Jared and Jensen's panel. Only, it's from their POV and they use footage from Maggie's camera and Spruce's camera. They also mention HellHounds Lair a bit.
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