Working for the Mandroid (moonshayde) wrote,
Working for the Mandroid

Week in Advance

Back to setting some weekly goals for myself since I have been a slaaacker. Just posting the fandom related stuff here right now.


I'm stuck. I want to finish some SPN WIPs and I can't decide what I want to do. So, I'm throwing out a little poll. (I won't be getting to the DA fic I promised until this summer.)

Poll #1552583 Choosing Fic

What Fic Should I Write?

Bobby Pov Fic: Dean has a relapse of a supernatural infection. Bobby serves as the bridge between the past with how John handled it and the present with how Sam handled it.
The companion fic to Under The Blood Moon (Dean's pov). Shorter and not as plot intensive as the original. Dean deals with the Sam that came through the bubble.
The next story in my wing!verse. Something unexpected happens to Dean.

I just thought I'd post it. It doesn't mean I'll pick the top fic and maybe no one will vote, which is fine. I'm just stuck. The Bobby fic is hard, but has the potential of being pretty good. I can't write any of the other wing!fic stories until that one is done, and I still need to get that companion fic done sometime. Sooo torn.

I also have some in the idea phase that I am entertaining writing, but I refuse to do them until I finish some other stuff. I don't want to end up abandoning these stories like I did with SG-1 :(

2) I need icons! I'm so behind on awesome icons, both in taking and crediting and making my own. I *AM* making some kind of SPN art before this week is through.

3) Cleaning up and updating my LJ. NEEDS it.
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