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All right, so this is what I'm thinking so far. I'm going to be organizing my LJ in this way:

*Friends' cut for those that I just don't talk to. Doesn't mean I don't like you. Doesn't mean you've done anything wrong. It just means we don't have the opportunity to talk like I would like to.

*Original fiction discussion will primarily be at my other haunt.

*My LJ is going to be negativity free as much as possible. Could I rant? Sure. Could I complain about something or be critical? Yup. But I don't want that to be the point of posting here. I just want to have some fun :)

*I'd like to get to know people better.

*Spoiler free. If I go looking, that is my problem. But please be respectful on my journal and don't discuss spoilers, stills, previews, clips, promos, interviews, etc., unless I mention I've seen them. I keep getting spoiled this way and it's ticking me off.

*This LJ is going to be mainly about my fave shows and fandoms, as well as my interests. Personal info will be on a filter, if I decide to use one, and even then I'll have to really know you well. I already use some filtering, so this won't be much of a change.

So what are my interests?

  • Writing. Since this is my big passion, it's unavoidable that I talk about it. I'm keeping the discussion limited to fanfic and writing in general. Original stuff won't be on this journal.
  • Supernatural. This is my #1 show. I love it. I love to love it. Do I think it's 100% perfect? No, but I think it's pretty darn close. Please don't bring brother wars or "I hate this show!" attitudes on my LJ. I think we can have a decent conversation without it.
  • Dean. I'm a Deangirl. I won't defend it or apologize for it or justify it. I love Dean. Dean is my fave character. I'm close to being bi-bro, but I won't lie and pretend that I am. So come celebrate Dean with me! He's super awesome! But just because I love him to pieces, don't come around bashing Sam or Samgirls. And if you love Sam, please don't come in here tearing down Dean. I really hate that. Sam and Dean's brothership (gen )is my fave. (Seriously, people. The both of them are the HEART of the show. If you hate one of the brothers, you're in for some problems. And of course it's not all rainbows and puppies. When has it ever been?) Ahem. I love Dean and Cas in a gen way. Plus, I actually really, really, like Sam, Bobby, Castiel, John, Mary...etc. Even the characters I don't like I won't tear apart here. I just don't talk about them, LOL.
  • Dean/Jo. I never thought I would become a shipper on this show, but it happened. I love Dean/Jo. I just do. I think I always will and it's become my OTP despite what happened. I go all gushy for them *sigh* It happened out of the blue when she wasn't even on the show anymore (prior to S5). I've had fun playing with this pairing in fandom and I want to continue. So if you like Dean/Jo, pull up a chair! Let's have some fun with fic and art and other stuff. But just because I love Dean/Jo doesn't mean I think it's the core of the show or have hissy fits because Dean visited Lisa. I really don't want that kind of aggravation on my LJ.
  • Het and Gen. I'm mostly gen for SPN, but do like some het pairings. But for SPN, I don't slash. Many of you know I slashed in SG-1 and I have no problem with slash. But for SPN, I just don't. So I'd prefer not to talk about Wincest or non-Wincest slash pairings on my LJ. And by prefer I mean not at all. You can slash Dean/Cas, but just don't do it here. I have some friends on my flist who know this about me already and are cool with it, so thanks :)
  • Smallville. I love it despite its flaws. And there are many. SO many. Superman is my fave superhero so naturally I love stuff connected to the Superman verse. Clark is my fave male character and Lois is my fave female character. I also love Lex, my fave villain. I used to be a huge Chloe fan, back in the first seasons, but I've since fallen out with her. I just can't get behind her anymore *sigh* I also Clois and I have been a Lois/Clark fan since I was like 4. I rarely discuss this show, but will if prompted. I just can't stand the fandom so I keep my mouth shut.
  • Dark Angel. I didn't think this show was very good, but I really ended up liking the concepts and the characters. I would love to actually talk about this show some more with people and I want to do a rewatch at some point to get to know the characters better. I'm itching to write some fanfic for this show. I really liked the storyline of S1, and many of the new characters in S2 (even if the storyline sucked). I prefer Max from S1 (as well as Max/Logan), but I'm all about Joshua and Alec in S2 :)
  • Lost. I really enjoy this show. I'm not uber fannish about it, don't think it's perfect, but it's fun and I look forward to it every week. Show, don't you kill Sawyer!!! Fans, don't spoil me.
  • Futurama is coming back this summer. AM EXCITED.
  • Music. I adore music. It's like at my core. I just never talk about it for some reason. I love most kinds, though my current leanings are epic rock and classic rock.
  • History. Ancient history, Medieval history. Pre-history. Colonial history. I love history. And anthropology and archaeology. It's my thing :)
  • Books. I'm trying to get back into reading on a regular basis, so I may start talking more about literature.
  • Health/Exercise/Food. *snort*

I still like SG-1 and Star Wars and X-Files. I just don't talk about them much anymore.

I ended up not really liking Farscape. It had its moments, but overall it just didn't grab me.

I'm probably forgetting stuff, LOL.

So there you have it. I reserve the right to break my own rules. If any of this offends you or doesn't jive with you, feel free to unfriend me. If some of it looks fun, stay on board. Hope this helps :)

ETA: Because this always happens. This is not a ploy to get more comments. I am horrible at commenting lately and I wouldn't blame people for cutting me, whether I like it or not. There are just people that I rarely talk to and who rarely talk to me and we don't really have much in common.

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