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Supernatural 5x19: Hammer of the Gods

I don't usually do an initial reaction post. Huh.

I really enjoyed this episode. Gabe! Aw!

Nice to see Dean back in the game. Of course, now I'm worried about Sam.

I thought this was a fantastic swan song for Trickster/Gabriel. And how fitting that he was posing as Loki, the trickster god? I loved that. I loved all the interplay with different religions in this episode.

Gabe I miss you already! Not dead! Noooooo. With Gabe, there is always the small small chance he is out there, but I think he is really dead this time. But even so, easy enough to retcon him if they ever wanted him back.

I don't have anything specific to say about this episode aside from I love where they are going with the rings being the key to get Lucifer in his cage. That begs the question, once they get the rings, how to the trick Lucifer?

My theory? Sam. Something is going to happen where Sam is the one to cage him. And it isn't going to be pretty. Maybe Sam has to go with him or says "yes" or something. *sigh* I'd like to say there would be a last minute save or Dean will come to the rescue (with Sam) but with this show? Pfft. I am expecting the worst LOL

Anyway, I loved the episode and I am excited for the remaining episodes, even if I have a feeling of impending doom. Show rocks, yo!
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