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Smallville: Charade

I think that's tonight's episode name...



I so loved this episode. There was so much to love.

That has to be one of the best episodes I have seen for Lois and Clark. I even got some triangle for two flavor in there. Oh man. OH MAN.

Clark was so strong and heroic and caring. They hit the nail on the head with him in so many ways. I felt like I was watching Superman.

They did a nice set up there for Perry as editor if they want.

They have a nice set up to rehire Lois and Clark proper. (Or as a friend pointed out, maybe just Lois and wait until Clark gets his disguise/alt identity thing going. That would fit nicely in the theme of this episode.)

And could the Red Queen be Martha?

Wow. I loved this episode. Can you tell how much I loved this episode?
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