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SPN 5x22: Swan Song

Kinda numb, but I will post my thoughts anyway.

Well, it truly was a swan song. It felt like a series finale to me. I have two reactions.

One: As a storyteller, I think this was a fantastic ending. John always wanted Dean to have a home. Dean has secretly been wanting a family since like S2. And Sam has overcome his personal demons. He overcame the darkness through the memories he had with Dean and the Impala. Both of them stayed together until the end. Family trumps all.

As much as I protest, I would have probably done something similar myself.

Two: As a viewer and fan of the show, I'm so very sad. I really wanted them to die together or make it through the end together and neither of those happened. So, I'm a bit emotional over it. I know we have sixth season ahead of us, but it doesn't mean I'm not all choked up about Sam and Dean. I hate them apart. *cries*

Makes me wonder where they will go next year. Was Chuck a prophet or was he really God? Did Sam come back or is he currently a ghost of some kind? How do they get the brothers back together next year? Do they? Does Dean play family forever now? What about Bobby's soul? What about Castiel?

For the record, I have very specific views on Dean/Lisa. I've been hesitant to share them though. And I'll probably regret doing so.

I don't think Dean is in love with Lisa. I think he is in love with the idea of having a family. He sees that in Lisa. He sees that in Ben. But I think that over time, he could grow to fall in love with her. They already care for each other. And I see that they care a great deal. I just seem to be in a minority who doesn't see them in love, but the potential for love. Therefore, I'm pretty indifferent to the pairing either way.

So they do have plenty to work with next year. Just not sure how they will play it. I just hope it's good. :)

As I said before, this has a very series finale feel to it, so I'm not sure how fannish I will be for this show anymore. I would at least like to finish my fanfic that I have started so far and my AU series. And finish up some art, if I can. Seems like a fitting end. So that makes me sad. That could be the post-SPN haze talking, though. Maybe I'll change my tune come the fall.

Awesome job, SPN. Kudos for not backing down and finishing your 5 year story arc with class.
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