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Series Finale: Lost

I came to this show only two seasons ago, short seasons, so this didn't impact me as much as it might have others. Still, Lost, you had a good run.

Okay, so WTF? You know, I wondered if they were going to go with the whole dead thing and in a way, they did. I had always wondered if the show was about some kind of purgatory, about making the right choices to move onto some better place after you die. I always thought maybe the island was it. My guess is the writers purposefully made it not.

I guess the alt world was just some purgatory type holding place for those who have died. Only the cast of characters loved each other so much, they waited for each other so they could all move on together. Some died early, some died now, and some died in the future. Time was irrelevant because in that place, they all met.

Which is all very philosophical and poignant. And really the way they closed the story with Jack closing his eye to parallel him opening it at the beginning of the series was brilliant. Still, the way I am I am not wholly satisfied, but with these type of shows I never will be. That's just me ;)

I did realize something that I never realized before: this show ran on PAIRINGS like whoa. Really. Like every other flash of insight was someone touching or kissing someone else.

Didn't stop me from crying, though ;)

I guess the alt verse runs on fan service, eh? LOL

Lots of clues sprinkled throughout. Locke saying Jack didn't have a son. "Moving on." Some people not ready to go in to the multi-denominational church. Hurley telling Ben he "was" a great No2. real!Desmond's confusion. Earlier episodes pointed to this as well: Charlie seeing/feeling some great light and being pulled back. Daniel's mom's reluctance to let him go. Perhaps even the name Christian Sheppard. And of course Jack's injuries.

Guess why we know Hurley was all leaderlike this season.

They never answered half of the questions I had and I never expected them to. I suppose on a show like this it's bound to fall short of the hype and anticipation around it. But it was one of the better shows on TV and it will be sad to see it go. As a more casual viewer, I will even miss it. But I hope the cast and crew enjoyed the run and they move on to even greater things.
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