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The Internet and the Crazy

Whoa. You know, you hear this stuff all the time, but even reading an old report of the crazy on the internet still sends me into shock.

The Life and Death of Jesse James

It's tough to read stories of people who have messed with people so much. Sure, I guess you can argue that the victims are stupid to be so trusting, but I don't really like to buy into that. Some people are very trusting. And while I consider myself smart, I've been taken for a ride or two before, though no where as close as this disgusting and severe. Or maybe I'm just being naive again.

We hear about versions of this all the time in different fandoms. But you know, when I read stuff like this it just reminds me how normal my problems are. I'm lonely too, and it's easy to get sucked into a mess when you just want someone to talk to. That's why I'm thankful for the friends I know both offline and online who might not be "perfect" but who genuinely care about me and aren't out to make me some sick game.
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