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Book Thoughts: Fool Moon

Need distraction. So here are some thoughts on Fool Moon by Jim Butcher.

I like werewolves way more than vampires. I've really never liked vampires. Maybe only twice? I liked them on Buffy/Angel and I like them on Supernatural. That's about it, though.

This book disappointed me a bit. I was so excited for werewolves and I feel like its full potential wasn't realized? I also felt like the story wasn't as focused as the first one. Storm Front had a nice narrative and a plot that revealed itself rather well, while I felt this story had a plot that was a bit all over the place. Not bad enough to make the book suck, but enough to disappoint me.

The characters were fun, as was the setting. All in all it was a good read, but it hasn't really taken that extra step to make me a fan yet. Still, I'd probably pick up the next book in series eventually.
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