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So, rumor has it that Chloe Sullivan from Smallville might be entering the DC Comics. They've tried before, but it never happened, and now rumors are circulating again.

Looks like they'll change her past a bit to make her work for the comics, but keep her personality and she'll be tied to Jimmy Olsen in some way. Friendship? Mentor? Romantic? I don't know, but I like Chloe/Jimmy (even if SV Jimmy didn't end up being THE Jimmy) and I hope they write a cool, cute, and quirky romance between the two. Yay Chimmy!

Smallville Comic Con panel is underway. While I don't mind SV spoilers, I think I am going to pass on watching it because I'll inevitably stay around for Supernatural, and I don't want to be spoiled at all with that one. (Please flist, DON'T SPOIL ME ON SPN!) I'll have to catch up in a few months, but I'm sure it'll be fun. Jared, Jensen, Jim, and Misha will be there. I have some SV friends over at Comic-Con this weekend and I'm sure I'll get the scoop from them. I've already heard some casting spoilers and I'm excited. Here's hoping Erica Durance gets 22 eps this year and that the final season of Smallville is awesome!
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